We use public data that has been collected from the county assessor to identify properties that fit our specific purchase criteria. If you own property, the county assessor makes both your current mailing address and the location information of your property publicly available.

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No, we are not realtors. We are professional, experienced investors and do not use Realtors to represent us in the purchase. We do, at times, use a Title Company to help facilitate a closing but generally, we can handle the transaction directly with you (the seller).

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The best thing to do is sign and return the offer via fax or scan/email. The next best thing to do is sign and snail mail the offer back.

We can work as fast as you like. We have a great process and are committed to giving you the sales experience you want.

A deed cannot be conveyed unless the person whose name is on the deed is available to sign. There are exceptions in the case of trusts and POA (Power of Attorney) but if, for example, your father’s name is on the deed, you would need to get him to sign in order for us to buy.

Sorry, we do not have legal resources on our small team and cannot provide legal advice.

We use a service that can deploy a friendly, experienced Notary anywhere in the U.S.

We take it from there once you have signed the deed and have your certified check, we pay to have the deed recorded, along with any other required paperwork.

The short answer is… sometimes. Please let us know about it and we can determine very quickly if it fits our current purchase criteria.

No, you do not. In fact, it is rare for any land owner to own both the property AND the mineral rights. More that 99% of the land we buy does not include mineral rights.

That is your choice. We purchase land with and without taxes past due.

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