What We Do


A lot of time and effort, over the course of more than a decade, has been put into streamlining the process we use to buy land. From small lots to sprawling acreage, we have a time-tested system that allows transactions to go quickly and smoothly.


We are seller-friendly! We do all the paperwork, arrange for the notary and can even bring the certified check to your doorstep, anywhere in the country. You do not have to create a contract, update the deed, provide title insurance, or anything like that. Just let us know when and where to bring your check.


Most sellers expect some closing costs but we do it differently. We pay for everything needed to get the transaction done quickly and easily, from creating the new deed to sending a notary with a certified check, all expense is ours. What we offer is always net to you, all yours.

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Who We Are

My name is Tom Deeter, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my wife and 2 boys. We love to do all the typical things that a family with little boys do... swimming, biking and playing soccer, to name a few. We also love to travel throughout Indiana and beyond. However, the most important and rewarding thing we do as a family each week is volunteer in our community to help people find peace, learn and grow. I have a background in technology as a developer and have been involved in various types of property investment since 2002.

Investing Experience

As a member of Land Academy, I adhere to a time-tested process of land investment. Collectively, we have over 16,000 property transactions under our belt and are genuinely committed to being honest, thoughtful and professional at all times. I focus on investing in rural land, lots and acreage, primarily in Indiana but occasionally in other states.

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